Sometimes you can just watch them develop right before your eyes in some of the discussions.

Mothers and daughters read the same book once a month. We get together in each other's homes, and while we are talking about the book, we also end up talking about life issues.

Not mothers and daughters as much as it is girls and women. Their opinion is being valued, and it's appealing to that part of them that's growing up.

These girls, at this point in their lives, still want to be little girls. Then there's this other side of them that's trying to be a young adult, think they're grown, think they know as much as we do.

[This month's selection was] The View From Saturday ... the moms are just as enthused about some of the books as the daughters.

I think we're all now really friends, getting together, sharing things about our daughters, about ourselves, about our relationships with our spouses. It's a wonderful talk group just for us.