The wireless Web technology, like all great Internet breakthroughs, is surrounded by hype. However, the reality is that the United States has a growing mobile work force that could turn the hype into solving real business issues, inasmuch as wireless creates a new paradigm that no longer restricts workers by physical boundaries or a tethered desktop PC system.

If this was happening on an on-going basis I would be concerned. But hopefully they will learn from the experience and it will be a one-time thing.

Microsoft has made a number of fixes to the previous version of their CRM software, including putting all of the tasks in a single account, ... This version makes it much easier for companies to access the information they need.

Number one priority should be an application and not a platform. What's more important is the ability for their customers to make unique business process and custom changes to their own applications or [to build any application they want themselves.] So, it's a platform play, but it's all about empowering the application itself.

This is how these companies are trying to take advantage of the upheaval in the industry. They are trying to motivate a company to leave their existing software.

Realize that Sage has been in the CRM space for a long time, ... They are not coming to the market with new technology; it's more of a repositioning and branding effort in the U.S. and globally.

I wouldn't say this is indicative of a trend or likely to happen again. A lot of the vendors are putting very large investments in place to prevent these sorts of situations.

[You also might consider buying more than one application to address different parts of your campaigns.] If you put together several best-in-class technologies, you can create a strong CRM strategy, and leverage the best of each application, ... Often, if done correctly, this can be more effective than pinning all your hopes on one application.

You don't spend that much money just for a customer base. If they discontinue the product, they're going to lose those customers anyway, because they won't be happy. So that means they would have spent billions for nothing.