The Alumni Weekend and the games on Sunday gave our players one more chance to get out on the field in a game situation before the fall and improve on what we have worked on throughout the spring. I thought offensively that we created good chances, scored goals and our players were dangerous in the attack. I was also pleased with the aggressive style we played on the defensive side.

The television station is trying to branch out and be more regional, as opposed to a station that just caters to Midland and Odessa. É I think it's just remarkable we've come as far as we have in a short amount of time. We're blessed to have Daphne Dowdy-Jackson as our general manager. She's done a wonderful job, as well as the staff that works for her.

Our players were not happy with the results from last year and the record was not indicative of the level of soccer they played. They have been working hard to do everything they can to correct that and a refuse to lose attitude is key entering this fall. They have the motivation to improve and don't want a repeat of what their record was last fall.

They're just trying to keep themselves awake and will act and have some of the same tendencies as children with ADHD.

We want it to be a focal point of the community, not tucked away where it's hard to find.