"Shelley Davis" was an American Lawyer/attorney and activist best known for her advocacy of rights and better working conditions for farm workers, particularly child, migrant and seasonal laborers.

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Every county employee would agree that you earn sick time and it's your right to use it.

The girls came out and played very hard, played well and won. We have been excited to play and had six hours with nothing to do. It is hard and I challenged them to stayed focused when they had nothing to do or no where to go.

Wright and Hammond usually are our No. 2 and No. 3 scorers. Tomorrow will be a better day.

We knew it would be a fast-paced game. That's what we like. We also know Central wouldn't be intimidated.

I speak for our employees on this issue. The definition needs to be expanded to fit today's family.

If you can take sick time for their death, you should be able to take sick time to help them while they're alive.