I definitely feel honored. Two years in a row ... I didn't think I'd get it. It's real nice. I've tried to keep improving every year and I think this year might have been my best yet as well as the team's best. Hopefully, we can do the same next year.

Our ball pressure was very good and we rebounded well. I wouldn't say we played a great game, because I think we did have some playoff jitters in the first half, but we played a good team game.

Hopefully I can break the Mercer County scoring record. I need to get better with my outside game. Ultimately, I'd like us to get to the state title game.

We really picked it up in the second half. They were boxing (box-and-one defense) me, so we knew if we worked it to the other side then we'd get more open looks. Plus, we did a better job of getting back on defense. I guess we just needed that good holler to get us back in the game.

I just have that mindset. I have to get my share of points and have to make sure the others get their points, too. We do have a good supporting cast. We just work together and usually it turns out good.