Obviously as a point guard, I want to get my teammates the ball first. But I can still score, and I had a lot of opportunities last night and tonight to do that.

She pump-faked, my hands were up, all ball hit my hand. That was it.

I don't how the process works. All I know is we get what we get, and you really can't change what happened, so we can't worry about it. We just have to worry about winning.

It came down to our defense. We didn't stop them. It wasn't them; it was everything we weren't doing -- hustling back, boxing out, the things that we can control.

We feel proud. We worked really hard. But it's a new season now. What we did in the past put us in good position to compete for a championship, but now we have to focus on our future.

It feels good, but the win feels better. I haven't been playing well but we've been winning. It would have felt a lot worse if we had been losing. I'm going to keep shooting, regardless of how bad I shot in the past. I'm going to stay confident.

This was a big statement game for us. People were saying we were overrated. They were writing us off. The only losses we have are to Duke and Tennessee.

It's disappointing, but we have a chance now to prove we do deserve it.

I always want the ball in situations like that.