She stepped up today. That's exciting to see that from some of our younger players.

It's a best-case scenario for us. Our kids did a good job of getting runs on the board early and stayed on top of it. I think some of our young kids are really starting to mature.

We talked about having a big inning. They said this is our inning, we're going to do it this inning. We told them you've got to go out and prove it, don't just say it. Aimee jumped out there with that big hit and it fired the whole team up.

We didn't come out very intense but we still were able to win the ball game. We want to finish district on a strong note and our kids came through when they didn't play their very best.

We couldn't have won the game without (Woods and Russell). Both of them came up to the plate and came through big time. This is the best game both of them have had at the same time this year.

She lost a little bit there towards the end. I think she kind of got worn out there at the end. That's why we had to bring Carly (Britton) in. I think throughout the entire game, (White) did a great job for us. We're going to look to her and Carly both for big games this season.

They are having fun and I think they are enjoying what they are doing now. I know they are excited about being in the playoffs after missing last year and they are enjoying (playing) a lot more than they were.

We put it all together today. All of our hits were together -- finally -- and we got good pitching and defense. They showed how much they wanted to win today. This was exciting to see.

I can't be any more proud of them. We've been in a must-win situation for four games now and they've been able to come through and get the wins for us.