We started out the game down 8-2. We were up by 20 at the beginning of the fourth.

We've gotten tons better. We shot 36 percent from the field the first time and 35 percent the second time. They play real good defense, but at the same time, we were getting the ball inside like we wanted and just missing those shots.

It got down to a two-point game in the third quarter. Then we made a run at the end of the third quarter.

We had to limit their three-point attempts. We had to control the boards, and we had to take care of the basketball in the half-court set, which we didn't do. Two out of three wasn't good enough.

We shot a ton of free throws. We average about 55 percent from the line.

Dave has really stepped it up this year. He's a smart kid and can anticipate where the ball is going. He has some good moves down low, and he finishes.

Part of it is to give the starters a rest. The other part is to get the others more quarters and get them into the flow of the game.

This was his best game of the year. He controlled the boards.

Plateau Valley was a good, scrappy team, and I was very pleased with how we came out and played the first half. We really stepped up.