I want to tell all the members of the house who don't understand — reality has changed, ... does not endanger Israel's security.

Would be completed very soon.

I do not see how any public places, this of course includes synagogues, can be protected.

We will continue the targeted killings at this pace. No one will be immune.

The simple fact is that they have not accepted any of the four rules, and this indicates their true intentions.

I am asking my fellow Knesset members and ministers, assuming each of us has a son in the army: Is he, under these circumstances, ready that his son serve in the Philadelphi Route?

We know that Iran transferred in the last month $1.8 million to the Islamic Jihad organization in order to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel.

Has the potential for improving security ties between Israel and Egypt's defense establishments.

Does not pose a military threat to Israel.