Shaukat Sultan
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"Shaukat Sultan Khan", HI(M), afwc, psc, was the Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations of the Pakistani Armed Forces from 2003 to 2007. He took over the post from Major General Rashid Qureshi in June 2003. He was the public face of the Pakistan Army and spokesperson of Pakistan's military efforts against Balochistan conflict/armed resistance in the Balochistan region, Waziristan War/military operations in Waziristan and the war against Al-Qaeda near Pakistan-Afghanistan border. He was replaced by Major General Waheed Arshad as the DG ISPR on March 1, 2007, and was posted as General Officer Commanding, 10th Infantry Division Lahore.

Later, he was superseded and sent as DG Foreign Military Cooperation (FMC) at the Joint Staff Headquarters in Chaklala.

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This number is likely to further rise.

Our investigation revealed that it was blasting on the roadside by engineers, under way exactly at that time when the helicopters was flying over the area.

There is no authenticity in these reports.

Some foreigners were amongst those killed, but we have no information on their origin.

The death toll from the earthquake is now 38,000 and 62,000 people are injured.

We have to divide into two parts -- one is the relief and the second is reconstruction. He said that the response of the international community in the context of rescue and relief have been commendable.

It is a big example of survival.

It is reconstruction where the pledges are highly inadequate because reconstruction would require billions of dollars... for houses, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, colleges and police stations, roads and bridges.

I can confirm that death toll has crossed the figure of 38,000. More than 67,000 were injured.