Given the recent developments in Martha Stewart's legal situation, we are moving ahead with a substantial amount of the uncertainty behind us, ... We continue to manage the company for the long term.

Body & Soul provides MSO with the opportunity to both enter a new, promising market and to launch 'natural living' as a new 'omni' lifestyle category and brand for the company.

Our business continues to be negatively impacted by the ongoing uncertainty related to the investigations into the sale of non-Company stock by Martha Stewart. Until this situation is resolved, we will likely continue to face challenges throughout our businesses.

We are delighted that Kmart will continue to be a foundation partner for MSO throughout the decade, and that our two companies have found mutually agreeable ways to improve upon our beneficial relationship.

Obviously this is a very sad and upsetting time.

The attitude at MSO remains business as usual, morale is good and the mood is one of pride in our product quality, the strength of our brand labels and the continued achievements of the company under challenging times.