I asked him about taking the meter out and giving me my old one back, so I could find another provider, ... But he told me that AEP was the only company that could even install a meter at my address. And if I did switch that the meter would still report power usage to CPL.

We do not expect any more planes. The storm picked up and they don't want to risk planes taking off.

Many people are confused by what it means to be high-risk. It doesn't have anything to do with being at higher risk for exposure to the flu virus, such as teachers or bus drivers. People who are at high-risk are those whose health could be severely impacted if they were to contract the flu, such as those who have pre-existing health problems or a compromised immune system.

We need to do whatever we need to help schools. We are all Americans and we need to get through this crunch.

How could it come down to that? Kids have to get their education. They have to go to school.

Even though they had been evacuating for two days, they had very good attitudes and were calm, in good spirits.

It took plenty of time and burning the midnight oil and a lot of telephone calling to get everyone together.

Tell them I wish them well.

In death as in life, these ladies were true role models.