I think it's really nice just knowing that if you come out of the game, there's not a liability out there. It's nice to come out and get a breather and have someone out there that's going to have your back.

We just fed off of her.

My role is to be the floor general and that won't change. The biggest thing will be the minutes (played).

Coach told us they're going to keep coming at us, and you need to come out in the second half showing what we did in the first half. Just get the job done early.

I'm going to try and play her like I played Megan Duffy (Notre Dame senior guard). Maybe try and limit her touches and denying her the in-bounds pass.

It's very important because we have four games left that can make or break if we come out on top of our conference. It's very important for us to go into every game likes it's an Ohio State, Minnesota or Michigan State game.

(Michigan is) last in our conference and so they don't have anything to lose. Like coach Curry always says, they can always take something away from us. I think it's us not taking any team for granted.

I thought I got some good looks in the first half; they just weren't falling. But in the second half, I got my feet set and tried to follow through.

Not winning the conference this year ... we're going to be more ready to get some hardware.