He's a fun guy to have around the clubhouse. He's a very good guy.

If it feels good tomorrow, I'll be ready to play soon. I don't how I'll feel until I swing and miss. You never know until the game.

If I don't play this series, I'll be playing against Cleveland [on Friday], unless something drastic happens. I'm just trying to get out there as quick as possible. Each day feels a little better.

I have to get it where I can swing hard, ... As soon as it's 80 percent and if I can deal with it, I'm going to play.

He took it hard. I can understand that. Kirby took him under his wing and helped him out. I wish Kirby the best. I hope he gets better.

I don't know a whole bunch about Seafair other than hydroplanes, Blue Angels, Budweiser and drunk pirates.

I think the coaching staff will have to get used to him a little bit because he's kind of a guy you think his work ethic, the way he looks, he's effortless. But that's just him. It's not that he doesn't care. That's his makeup. He can play, flat out, no matter what the guy looks like. He's going to be a good fit.

No matter what a guy looks like ... he can play. He's going to be a good fit.