"Shannon Regina ("Pee Wee") Johnson" (born August 18, 1974 in Hartsville, South Carolina) is an United States/American basketball player who last played for the Seattle Storm in the Women's National Basketball Association/WNBA.

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We always get together every two weeks and have dinner or lunch at our house and it's not going to be good that we can't do that now. It's going to be hard and it's going to be tough.

We played a very good All-Star tonight, ... It is her team. She put them on her shoulders.

It's a lot different. You're leaving home and leaving everything behind. You got a job to look forward to and you have to get your mind set right.

It was important for us to play well together today because we knew the Comets were going to be tough. (Going) 11-for-11 is pretty good considering I was just 1-for-6 the other night.

It helps [teens] express their personality, ... Their choices show certain style interests and lifestyle interests. For example, if they have an athletic background, it's expressed not only in their athletic clothing, but in their street wear.

We weren't able to put the ball in the hole. The game lacked flow. We would stop each other on defense. They were able to put the ball in the hole a couple of more times than we were.

I think progress has been slow, and I'm not sure why.