Mike will be a very good cover corner(back). He has good speed and comes from an outstanding high school program.

Right now, we're not quite done on defense. We still have a couple guys we're waiting on.

I expect some to contribute, but at the same time, I think we'll be a lot more experienced as a team.

Because we have so many guys in our program currently, we don't need the numbers. We just need to keep finding quality guys, guys who can make a difference.

Some guys thrive on having the ball in their hands at critical times, and that's what we're looking for. We need more guys to say, 'Coach, give me the ball,' when it's third-and-10 ... The defense should want to be on the field when we need a fourth-down stop. That's what playmakers do, and we think we have a lot of those kids in our program right now.

A lot of people will have that mentality of: Why Truman?, but I'll tell you what - we have a lot of good things at Truman. The people who go to school here are pretty fortunate. I'm fortunate to be here. We have the best academics in the conference. Our kids are getting jobs. We've just been named the No. 1 school in the conference for graduation rate. That's what you talk about.

We are always looking for defensive players. A great defense will keep the team in every game, just like the Chicago Bears.

First of all, we have Mike Long who did some great things as a true freshman, and we're excited about his future. But, we wanted to make the position better and create more competition, and I think all the quarterbacks will benefit from the competition.

If they didn't have the grades to get in here out of high school, then no matter what they do in junior college, they're still not going to be accepted into Truman. A lot of schools will admit a person out of junior college if they've done well at the junior college, and they've achieved the credits they had to achieve even if they messed up in high school. That's the difference.