"Shannon Bell" is a performance art/performance philosopher who lives and writes Experimental philosophy/philosophy-in-action, experimental philosophy.

Her six books include Reading, Writing and Rewriting the Prostitute Body, Whore Carnival, Bad Attitude/s on Trial (co-author), New Socialisms (co-editor), and Fast Feminism.

Bell is currently researching extreme science and art for her book entitled Fast Bodies; this research is funded by Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

Bell is a Professor and Graduate Programme Director in the York University Political Science Department, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She teaches postmodern philosophy/postmodern theory, fast feminism, Human sexuality#Society and politics/sexual politics, cyberculture/cyber politics, identity politics and structural violence/violent philosophy.

More Shannon Bell on Wikipedia.

Victor was a valued colleague whose talents and integrity earned him the respect of people both inside and outside our company over his more than 30-year career. We are pleased he has put this matter behind him.

There'll be red carpet, paparazzi and screens with pictures on it. We'll also have a variety of parties in the village.

We have the biggest party at Blue Mountain. New Year's celebrations start on the 30th, when we have our torchlight parade.