"Shane Adams" is a Canadian Equestrian Team athlete in modern competitive joust/jousting. He is currently the Captain and owner of North America's Premier Full Contact Jousting Team, The Knights of Valour. (www.knightsofvalour.ca)

He is the former president of the World Championship Jousting Association, and has founded several competitive jousting tournaments in the United States and Canada. He holds 17 international titles.

He produced six tournaments in Canada between 1999 and 2006.

Adams started as a Theatrical jousting/theatrical jouster for the Toronto Medieval Times dinner show when he was 23.

He was the host and executive producer of History (U.S. TV channel)/The History Channel's competitive Reality television#Competition.2Fgame_shows/reality TV show Full Metal Jousting.

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It's all above board. There were some big bets placed on the five losers in the race within the last couple of minutes of betting.