Sergio Morales
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"Sergio Morales Retamal" was the 22nd and 24th Mayor of Pichilemu/Mayor of the commune of Pichilemu, office which he first held between May 1950 and May 1951, and later between May 1953 and May 1956. Morales also held office as regidor of Pichilemu for two terms.

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These archives, forgotten and abandoned, were condemned to a slow death. Now protected by law, we want them to come to light so that every Guatemalan can exercise their right to see them.

What these bastards want is to rehabilitate the mine, to cover up evidence so they can't be sued. That's what people are getting angry about.

We have serious doubts about the place and type of operation that our personnel were involved in.

It's not a state policy but there are agents of national police involved in social cleansing.

The World Health Organization states that an epidemic of violence begins when there are 10 homicides per 100,000 residents, and here, we are up to 40.

The region is poor. You know beforehand about the risks in the mines, but let's be realistic, it's the only source of work, especially for those with little education. If you don't work in this, you die of hunger.