Judging by the way it was put together, it is space technology. Experts estimate it cost tens of millions of dollars to make. You can make such a technological wonder only under laboratory conditions.

This question will be resolved at a political level.

The most important thing is that we caught them red-handed while they were in contact with their agents (and established) that they were financing some non-governmental organizations.

You could throw this rock from the ninth floor, it can survive a long period in water.

It has several different kinds of defenses. You could only create this technological wonder in laboratory conditions.

What the goal of that financing was is something now coming under close scrutiny.

An agent passes the information over by walking near the stone and transmitting it with a special device. A spy also walking by receives this information and provides his agent with new instructions.

They began to deny it and claimed that they weren't working against us at all. Only after that did we decide to go public. We consider this a breach of our agreements. In essence we were deceived.