It is very regretful. Since the Osaka High Court has ruled that the visits are unconstitutional, I hope (Koizumi) can cautiously deal with the issue in view of the principle of the separation of state and religion.

They have missiles capable of hitting Japan as well as nuclear weapons that set their sights on Japan.

At the moment, our nation's diplomacy has hit a wall on all fronts.

Efforts to reform the United Nations were a complete failure despite making massive investments, and ties with Asia, including China and South Korea, are in tatters.

Nakagawa should be dismissed or resign.

If the recovery has been built on the illusion of money games like this, then one has to wonder what it is we are seeing that is getting better in the economy.

The government put the US-Japan alliance first, ignoring the most important issue: the lives and health of the people.

The prime minister bears a heavy responsibility, as this is the result of a political decision to lift the import ban quickly in response to repeated requests from the U.S. government.

Other than the postal bills, there are no concrete plans about important issues such as tax reform, pension reform, decentralization and diplomacy.