Fresno already has a well-established university and is at a critical mass where it is starting to generate jobs internally. The speed at which it occurs could be debated. Will it be at the same scope as the Inland Empire [Riverside/San Bernardino counties]? Probably not, but there is a clear parallel.

He's really been able to establish confidence in the Federal Reserve. He's been able to keep expectations about inflation in check.

The tech companies in the East Bay perhaps had products that were more useful to general types of businesses than really cutting-edge Internet products. Companies may want to buy products they can use in their business operations than a technology that lets you smell things over the Internet.

Stockton continues to exhibit job growth well in excess of the state average, and unemployment is 1.3 percent lower than a year ago. Construction still leads all sectors in creation of new employment opportunities, despite signs of a return to normalcy in the housing sector.

To be included among the top economic forecasters in the nation is quite an honor.

It's going to take more than a single surge in oil production to end the current growth expansion of the country.

It's a sampling phenomenon, rather than an accurate number.

Developers see no sign of a 'bubble' bursting.

With the tip of the spear being housing and construction, job growth is spreading out into professional and business services.