Sean Payton
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"Patrick Sean Payton" is an American football head coach for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL). Payton was a quarterback at Naperville Central High School and Eastern Illinois University and played professionally in 1987 and 1988. He began his coaching career as offensive assistant for San Diego State University and had several assistant coaching positions on college and NFL teams before being named as the tenth full-time coach in Saints history in 2006.

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Some people would say: 'Stay in Dallas. The situation there is good.' We're three-quarters of the way through building a brand new house in Dallas. Hopefully I'm not viewed as a young, naive coach coming into a situation here. I'm excited about this opportunity. I know it's a challenge and we're going to roll our sleeves up.

It's hard to look at their talent now, compared to their record, with all of the circumstances and things that they've gone through. It's a team that's certainly shown that they can be competitive, and I would look forward to that challenge.

Obviously 2005 was a traumatic year for this area, it was a tough time for this team. I hope that in some small way the effort of this team in 2006 and beyond will represent this city and this region well.

We can impact people's lives in a positive way as they go through this transition. I think this area, this community, this region is tough, and our team better reflect that, too.

To say, 'Hey, that's a certain position that should be drafted,' I think it's too early, at least right now, to comment on.

I think one of greatest compliments you can give a coach is to say that someday you want your kids to be coached by them and I can say that about Lou. He has a real good handle on what he wants. I think the world of him.

The timing was right this time. I'm not a young naive coach. I'm excited about this opportunity. It's a challenge.

You learn a lot more about all the things that are necessary to be the leader of a team and so there's day-to-day hands-on training that you get and you might not even be asking for it. You try as best you can to be organized, have a plan, know exactly what you want from a schedule standpoint, have an idea of what you would want in a staff.

It's too early to think about that now. We have plenty of work to do before (the draft) and my job is not just on offence, but to lead the team.