If we do nothing, things will get that much worse sooner.

We fight for seeds and hope for no changes. I don't think there will be many changes.

Ben is out with a bad knee, which is too bad because there were only 11 kids at 152, and Ben would have probably been a four seed.

Three times Houston has had the situation where he had to score in the final seconds this year, and all three times he's done it. He's got the heart of a champion.

It's a start. Hopefully it's not a culmination. Hopefully the seed is planted to send more kids to state.

I have to start middle school practice next week, but now I have high school practice, too. It's a good problem to have, and I'm just really proud of the guys right now.

Both of those points could have gone either way.

Andy is a really good wrestler on top. He used his cradle well this tournament.

All the matches we had, we won head to head except against Manitou, and they beat us pretty good. We are trying to get everyone healthy for Rifle (on Thursday) and possibly Valley this weekend.