"Sean Ronald Hill" is an American former professional ice hockey defenceman/defenseman who played 17 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for eight different teams. He won the Stanley Cup in 1992–93 NHL season/1993 with the Montreal Canadiens.

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I'm sure [the streak] has been talked about this year and is still being talked about. It's kind of crazy that they could keep it going so long. Even some teams with dynasties don't come close to doing that.

These guys are going to make you pay if you're in the box all night, and unfortunately we didn't figure that out until it was too late.

We have to make sure we come out with a little more fire in the first period and take the play to them because when you don't, you're playing from behind all night, ... That's when you get penalties and when you get put away. And that's what happened.

The time I was there, there wasn't even a question of making the playoffs.

We can help each other out. I can learn from him, too. He's advanced for his age and very skilled, ... It's not like I'm going to be teaching him anything. He knows the game very well at this point.

We have to come out and we have to be the instigators, the ones that are initiating and pushing the play. We weren't, and as a result we were chasing and pulling guys. And then we sit in the box and obviously they convert.

We're starting to be within striking distance, we're starting to knock on the door. Guys are learning the way we have to play. They're learning it's not anything special. It's just hard work and playing our system well.

If you'd told me we'd be at this position at the start of the year, I'd be a little bit disappointed. But if you told we would be where we were a month ago and got to this point, I'm pretty happy with where we are.

I knew he was unbelievable before I got here, but he's even better than I thought. He's making ridiculous saves look routine.