I'm nervous and scared, but it should also be fun.

We are really pleased with our results and 69% of students received A to C grade passes.

He did a nice job. He's been my No. 1 starter for four years, but his pitch count got too high. If we make a couple plays, he doesn't make as many pitches.

No. We're going to lunch after this.

I'm a hamster person. No - that's so bizarre, I don't know what that means. Please don't say that. Now everybody is going to go, "Do you like hamsters? Why did you say hamsters? Do you have a collection of hamsters?" I'll never live that down. Please don't use that.

We're not saying we have the answer. If we did . . . we would have just made a hit sitcom.

Really, ... our first priority is to make people laugh.

Yeah he's a big fan.

We'll have a class-A facility in four to five years.