It was a rough one.

Our offense is going to be much slower than we predicted.

I think all the work we did with him is starting to pay off. He feels more comfortable scoring and actually being the first or second option.

Our inside presence opened up a lot of free throw opportunities for us. We actually got what we wanted and we didn't capitalize on it.

Now, instead of being bonuses, those players have to perform consistently in order for us to win.

We just fell apart. We stopped closing out on the shooters in the corner and they just killed us. It blew the game open. The guys just couldn't come back from that.

We'll be solid with the starting five but the bench still comes in as a question.

I think he's ready for it.

We had high hopes for this semester with the core nine guys that we had. But based on the academic situation, it forces me to create a whole new offensive and defensive team.