Peg Collier was owed almost $17,000 and there was no way to pay her. In any world that's a lot of money.

What happens in Washington has a much greater effect on all the for-profits. Regulatory issues have come to the forefront.

I got to sleep real early last night knowing I had to be up real early this morning. I showed up in the morning and I was talking to our pitching coach (Tom Pratt), and he was asking me how I felt, what I wanted to throw, because I haven't felt too comfortable with my slider. But in the bullpen I felt like I had (the slider). I felt like I had everything.

The change should encourage an expansion in the supply of online education. Students will be able to choose from more options.

To us, this is really the smoking-gun memo. It's Enron's own attorneys admitting that Enron is manipulating the California market.

In attracting students, it is critical to be eligible for federal financial aid.

It was a legacy of the days when technology wasn't quite as advanced, and when the online schools were perceived as of a lower quality than traditional institutions.

No amount of money can ever compensate a woman for being raped but I think they're very happy the city has taken the substantial step to try and address the financial and emotional problems they've had as a result of what has happened.

The victims and their families deserve the right to move forward. We appreciate the city's commitment in reaching an agreement that is best for all those involved.