We gave them some extra outs and they took advantage. Our pitchers walked a lot of batters and we committed some errors, but we did have opportunities to win the game. We kind of let it get away.

Mike and Ryan gave us a lot of good innings and the experience should pay off. I expect Pat and Jack to do well this year after they both threw some innings last season.

He hits with power to the gaps. We're hoping he picks up right where he left off.

Pat is doing well and giving us a lot of quality at-bats. He's cut down on his strikeouts quite a bit and he's hitting more line drives. The hard work has him hitting close to .400 this season.

Corey is a good defensive second baseman. He hit close to .300 last season as a sophomore.

Mike's getting ahead of batters and locating his fastball very well. He's yet to have a game where all three of his pitches are on, but he's always had at least two working. He's been able to change speeds and throw strikes ahead and behind in the count.