Sean Duffy
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"Sean Patrick Duffy" is an American politician, prosecutor, former sports commentator and reality television personality. He first entered public life as a cast member on The Real World: Boston and 2002's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, before going on to serve as district attorney of Ashland County, Wisconsin and the United States House of Representatives/U.S. Representative for . He is a member of the Republican Party (United States)/Republican Party.

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We are very concerned that Will Perkins' aim is to re-enact his denial of civil rights to same-sex couples. We would hotly dispute the notion that domestic partnerships are the same as marriage.

The other team is trying to set up a straw man with Tim, but I doubt anyone here is going to be running around talking about Dr. Dobson, and his name ID is higher. I'm hoping we can talk about the issues and not have this dueling.