It was good to get a win heading into Lakeland. We needed to come out and get a win before that game. And Jacob was a monster tonight. He pretty much did it all offensively.

I was concerned with our mindset after a tough loss at Lakeland. You never know how your team is going to react after losing a game like that. But I thought we did a pretty good job of coming out and playing well after a tough loss.

Even with everything that occurred in the first half, we were only down eight. Last year we were up eight at the half, so we said this would be the perfect turnaround.

He did a good job on him in the second half, and that was key.

We're excited about getting started. In our bracket, anybody could win the regional title. There really isn't much separation from top to bottom. It's really hard to know just how good the other teams are. You have to really take things one game at a time or your going to lose and be eliminated. It's going to be an exciting tournament.

I'm proud of my kids, the way they battled back. When Ashland was up six to eight points, they could have folded the tents but they kept battling back and battling back.

We're looking forward to Saturday. It's going to be intense.

I told the kids in the locker room it's probably not fair to a team to endure two road losses like we had. It's tough.