People have been known to go down with pillowcases, capture snakes and sell them on EBay, ... But they trusted me that all I want to do is make people aware of the precious wildlife we have.

My family was helping to manage my Dad's construction company, ... So next thing I know in 1997, I'm a New Englander again! And with the woods and the call of wild; I decided to give it a second chance.

They confided in me and brought me to places that most people weren't allowed to go, ... Many times the places I go to on the show I can't tell people where they are.

I was found nothing! ... But the turning point for me was joining the Herpetologists League of Connecticut.

I got my driver's license, got interested in the opposite sex, and I wanted to get as far away from nature as possible, ... So I moved out of state, and pretty much pronounced New England dead.

Of course, we probably should have left them where they were, ... But when we'd bring them home, they'd lay eggs, and next thing you know we'd have baby turtles running around. I love nature and wildlife, and it's always been a part of my family.

My Dad used to bring home turtles he found on construction sites, ... I fell in love with turtles and snakes, and couldn't get enough of it.

She's like a sponge: she soaks up everything that is being said, ... We talk about nature all the time, and we read to her three to four books every night; books on amphibians, reptiles, but also other books on other topics are mixed in there.

I would spend days looking for these creatures, and of course I wanted to spend time with my wife Eva and my daughter Daphne, so I take them with me.