Westfield is very similar to Cherry Hill East. They've got a lot of depth and if you're not careful, they can 2-3-4 you to death. But we were able to exploit the freestyle events again.

On the bus ride down here they were so quiet. It had me concerned because there are so many different personalities I didn't know what that meant. Once the meet started, they showed me it was a quiet intensity.

You get to a point where you just want to just stop, especially after a state championship meet. You want to just stop and savor watching the kids interact, especially since we had all of our seniors in the last four events. I wanted to sit back and watch them enjoy it.

You always bring a change of clothes just in case. I am totally overjoyed for these girls because very few teams love each other as much as they did, and that made them fight for each other.

All rumors of Vineland's demise have been grossly exaggerated. This is a wakeup call for us. You can say what you want about their times, the fact they don't have the depth they used to, the talk about their streak ending, but as you can see, they stand and deliver.