Every day I regret what happened at WorldCom and I accept responsibility for the false and misleading information.

I wouldn't get confused on the lack of superstar names. That doesn't mean they lack in talent. It doesn't mean they lack in heart. When I look around, instead of being suspect, I think the pitching is plentiful. I've seen a lot of good arms in camp.

WorldCom's decision to retire the notes reflects the company's strong liquidity position and positive free cash flow, ... The repayment of these notes is consistent with our stated objective of reducing overall debt.

I knew it was wrong, but my intentions were not to hurt people.

I made horrible decisions, ... I ask for leniency so I can get back to my family as soon as possible.

I told Bernie, 'This isn't right,' ... He just stared at it, and he looked up at me and he said, 'We have to hit our numbers.'

I am sorry for the hurt that has been caused by my cowardly actions. I truly am, ... I ask the court for leniency so that I can get back to my family as soon as possible.

In the face of intense pressure inside the company, I turned away from the truth.

Primarily Sullivan's testimony that contributed to the government's successful prosecution.