With T.J. out there, I got a little worried.

We've seen worse. We've come through a lot together.

They beat us on a Hail Mary, going 86 yards in 16 seconds at our place. That's not supposed to happen with your own clock-keeper.

Every time you call a kid from the East Texas area or Lafayette, we ask them if you have any transfers in there. We're trying to write them down through word of mouth and see if they are on our list. That's how we're hearing it. The bigger schools have more connections to tell them where they surfaced at.

Patton is a real find for us. He went under the radar during football recruiting and it's to our benefit.

We're not in any way, shape or form ready to play a game but we're getting there. Overall, for a first scrimmage, and the first time with officials calling penalties, this was pretty good. We have lots to improve but our effort was good. I was real pleased with our young kickers and punters. They're adding a dimension we've lacked.

It's all about the kids being able to play and execute. It's not about the schemes or anything like that. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some of these guys to showcase their skills.

We appeared to get good play at quarterback once again. We moved the ball well and some of our playmakers made plays. There were a lot of younger guys who got their chances tonight and it seemed like things went fairly well.