"Scott Shaw"Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television

By Gale Research Company ISBN 0-7876-6362-X is an American actor, author, film director, film producer, journalist, martial artist, musician, photographer, and professor.

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You just invite people over for a surprise birthday party, but really it's a surprise wedding. The bride comes in, everyone yells 'surprise,' but she's in a wedding dress. Then somebody in the crowd that nobody's noticed comes up and starts to do the ceremony.

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We're doing business the same way we did two years ago.

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Eloping, as we define it as anything other than the TBW, is really growing fast.

Tony was competing in a good weight class. It was great for him to dominate like that in the final.

I never thought about it until I broke my leg and realized I have to get insurance, ... The more I was traveling and doing work I realized I did need that, basically to protect my investment, which is myself.

Vinnie wrestled hard, and he had not practiced all week because (of illness) but wrestled well enough to qualify. Christian wrestled really well. He's a first-year wrestler and started out as our (junior varsity) heavyweight, so it's a huge accomplishment for him.