Scott Rhodes
FameRank: 5

"Scott Rhodes" is a former rugby league player.

Rhodes was a Scotland national rugby league team/Scotland international and played at the 2000 Rugby League World Cup.

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Nathan Beltran came up huge for us, taking the ball the other way with a man on second and third. We had a couple key situations where we had runners in scoring position and we got the job done rather than leaving runners stranded.

We got beat by a team that played harder, smarter and came to win. We need to play with a greater sense of urgency than we showed today.

He spotted his ball real well. When you have Dustin spotting the ball where he wants to, it makes it -- you don't have to be overpowering. He did a fantastic job.

These two games, we executed unbelievably in most situations. We pulled off squeezes, had four hit-and-runs, one run-and-hit ... I feel we had control of the two games just by our at-bats.

We took two games from a very good club.

We played really well today. The loss to Brevard last week woke us up, and we came back and had our best practice of the year yesterday and it carried over to today.

We're not just happy, man. We're absolutely thrilled.

We definitely had some clutch performances. We had clutch two-out hits, and those largely contributed to this big win for us.

They hit it well. They hit it real well. Fourteen hits to five and they lose . . . something ain't right in this world.