Our goal coming into this week was to win a game up here (in Cowlitz County). It is tough to travel up here. It is tough to play up here.

We didn't have a lot of good shot selection early. We've basically lived or died with the perimeter people.

They've accomplished a lot. Except for 2000, they are the only Camas team in the last 30 or 35 years to make it to the playoffs and reach double-figure wins. ... They should feel proud.

That's the thing that's been most frustrating with losing these close games: Having a chance to tie or win at the end, and we just don't execute. Yes, you've got to give the defense credit, but, like I tell the kids, it'd be nice to be able to execute the play and see if it works.

It was a long week. I think the kids are more relieved than anything. We're happy.