"Scott Norton"

/nickname = Flash

/height =

/weight =

/birth_date =

/death_date =

/birth_place = Minneapolis, Minnesota

/death_place =

/resides = Houston, Texas

/billed=Minneapolis, Minnesota

/trainer = Brad RheingansMasa SaitoVerne Gagne

/debut = April 15, 1989

/retired =


"Scott Norton" is an United States/American semi-retired professional wrestler. He is best known for his tenures in World Championship Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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Robbie's working hard and learning what it takes to play at that level. I think the experience of being around guys like Michael Peca, Ryan Smyth, Jason Smith and Chris Pronger is more valuable than anything he could learn in junior hockey, but I'm not Craig MacTavish or Kevin Lowe.

This year is not a typical year in any way.

What the board wanted was a little bit more involvement from the state.

It's not a formula or anything.

Districts would be able to use their tutoring and summer school money at their own discretion.

Robbie feels he's had a good camp.

'Reasonable' probably doesn't mean if you were out a whole semester you make up a whole semester.

They will really just drop out of accountability for a year and restart as new.

They would like us to give (districts) some guidance (that) is reasonable. I think it would be reasonable for us to say, 'You should be cautious in promoting students who score unsatisfactory in English and math.'