"Scott Murray" is the name of:

*Scott Murray (born 1976), Scottish international rugby union footballer

*Scott Murray (footballer, born 1974), Scottish footballer (Bristol City)

*Scott Murray (footballer, born 1988), Scottish footballer (Dundee, Partick Thistle)

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We don't have to have a $5 million building up there. With little effort we can make small improvements at no cost to the community that will benefit everyone.

Our eyes only tell us part of what we need to be able to see. The other part is done by the brain, taking the input from the eyes and making guesses or inferences about what's out there in the environment. Usually these inferences are very accurate, but sometimes they lead us astray in the form of visual illusions.

It was one of our best sessions. Training normally starts at quarter past but we're usually out there on the hour playing touch because it's so much fun.

One big goal is to feed kids better and teach them where food comes from.

It's been a massive turnaround and it's all to do with confidence. We have a lot of grounded people in our squad so we won't lose our way and start thinking we're better than we are.

I just think there's an excitement in this team at the moment. We're confident we can play well. We don't go out and worry about what the opposition will do to us. We get excited about what we can do to them.

We still have a lot to work after the England win and it wasn't the best performance in the world.

This going to be a tough weekend but the players are striving to improve all the time and a win is possible. It just shows that the players want to keep on growing.