We hit a major drought and I give a lot of credit to their defense. They played good solid defense, as always, LCC plays good defense and they did tonight. It's hard to overcome. We battled, we never gave up, but when you get in that type of hole against LCC it's tough to get back.

This is a good win. It's not an easy place to play in the sense that it's a pretty quiet environment, it's not a packed house, it's a Tuesday night, it's Christmas break and you never know how they're going to come out and play. These guys, every night, I've never seen them not ready to play in the seven games we've had.

They were playing aggressive. I don't know if they were intentionally fouling us, but if I was playing us I would put us at the line, too, with the way we've been shooting. I think they were trying to get steals and trying to be aggressive.

That's what a good team does, they make their free throws down the stretch and they did that. That's a strategy you use when your down at the end and you hope and pray they miss their foul shots and they didn't. That's what good teams do, they make them.

As a team going into this game we were shooting 52 percent at the line and we still missed some foul shots that we've got to knock in. I told the guys this week we've got to shoot better than we've been shooting or else it's going to come back and get us. I think they started to see that a little bit and panicked a little bit.

We wanted to go get the basketball and we really crashed the offensive boards with a little more passion. Defensively we tried to make sure we got a body on somebody and try to get the basketball.

We'll take them one at a time. We're focusing on Kenton, it's a league game. We need to take care of business there and we'll worry about Saturday come Saturday morning. We're just going to take it one game at a time.

They've got pretty good inside play. Sherman is a really nice post player for a freshman and he can finish with the basketball when he gets it inside.

Guys just focused a little more, we executed a little bit better and we got the ball inside where we needed to. We didn't do anything special to have those runs other than we turned up our defense a little bit and tried to get stops. We were a little more focused offensively and made sure we got good scores.