If we are chasing somebody around the track and it leads us to better times then that's great. I really try to get us not to be that concerned about placing because if all you want to do is place high well that's easy. All you have to do is run against lousy teams.

We're hitting that point of the year where we need to be hitting marks and we need to have good performances right now. Like I just told the team in our little team meeting (Thursday) that we're beyond the point of conditioning and getting in shape and things like that.

It is nice to be at home. I think it gives us kind of the relaxed atmosphere with competition that we really want right now before we get into some more stressful situations.

I hope we have a lot of people come out but past experience tells me that track just doesn't get huge crowds. It's nice but just being at home is a huge advantage for our kids to stay in their own rooms and not have to travel.

As a whole it's ran real smoothly.

I haven't really had a chance to look at results because we've been running this meet. We've had a couple of good things but I haven't I haven't had a chance to see much in the way of results yet.