I think the racetrack has been a great outlet for folks who do want to race in a safe manner, rather than on the freeways.

The kids were leaving flowers and everything all over the sidewalk, and nobody could get through, and they were also leaving unopened beer bottles.

The reason we're using the zipper lane barrier is it gives a little more than the regular barrier, so we don't want a car, when it impacts it, to ricochet back into the other lane of traffic. While we're trying to prevent head on collisions we also don't want an accident on the same side of the highway.

Our department's landscape expert is working closely with them.

And we can't afford to have traffic on the freeway at the time because it creates vibrations and that affects the way the concrete sets properly.

I guess it's a way for a lot of people to express themselves after losing a loved one, but we had incidents where the roadside memorial got out of hand.

We tried to start a little earlier so that we could be done in time for the afternoon rush hour. It turned out that caused a backlog of turning cars, though.

The supervisor who made the call has not been reassigned. He has been disciplined and it will go on his record. They felt it was an unintentional mistake and they felt he wasn't profiting from this.

Unfortunately, he went beyond his authority and he should have contacted someone higher up.