I was probably more nervous about this game than the last two, just because we are in a one game district this year. As we've always talked, and we have one goal and that is to climb those five ladder steps and this is one of them. We still have some polishing to do, but I think the defense did much better tonight. Jackson [Tyler], the goalie had over a 90 percent save ratio.

James Reid is also a great attacker. He is a lefty, which is a great thing to have on a lacrosse team.

Jackson is a new goalie and he has already gotten some compliments from college coaches. I don't know if natural goalie is the appropriate word, but he is fearless. The goalie is considered the captain or leader of the team and he is growing into that role very quickly and his stick skills are excellent.

Jeremy is a smart player and he knows when to take a shot and he had a great game.

He set a personal goal of 85 points for himself, he has the capabilities of being an all-regional player. The sky is the limit for him and I think college is in his future. He was second-team all-district as a freshman and sophomore. This is his year to get some attention, they [scouts] generally go for the older folks.

Andrew had an excellent game. The last few years he has been a little tentative, but tonight he proved to everybody that he is willing to take some shots and that helped him score.

He's an offensive player, he's a defensive player and if you here anybody out here screaming it's probably him. He is the kind of person that out of the blue will knock somebody's lights out to get everyone on the team fired up, and that is that kind of player he is on the field.

I know what they can do. If they put their mind to it and do it, if they want to listen, practice, work hard, have good work ethics they can do pretty much anything they want to do out there.

What you expect to see here is the same thing from the first year. You are still going to see a hard-nosed team that plays to the last second of the game. That is the kind of attitude I try to project and I try to get 100 percent out of them.