That gets back to Bruce's selection of people, seeing potential in people and knowing how to utilize their strengths to help the program.

My goal now is to do what I did at Murray State, to be a great mid-major program. We can be regionally dominant and nationally competitive. It's a great fit for me.

Everybody is such a team player. I love it after a game that Jason Shay has scouted or Tony Jones has scouted, and someone will say, 'Let's give it up for Coach Shay or Coach Jones.' That's all a part of winning.

It's mainly me getting out there as a head coach promoting Southeast Missouri and wearing Southeast Missouri [clothing], and prospects seeing me as a head coach wearing Southeast Missouri.

I've learned from the best and took something from all of them. I'm totally prepared to get this program back to the top. We're going to raise the bar in every area of the program.

This is a staff that's good at evaluating players, and there's not pressure on any one person to deliver. I've been on staffs like that in the past where pressure was on one person to deliver.

I never worked as hard as I did at Duquesne. Never. There are challenges everywhere.

I was impressed with them as people, and I'm glad they're still excited about coming here. I haven't seen them play, but they're physically good-looking high school prospects for their positions.

What we've got is two point guards on the floor at the same time. But Dane has been versatile enough and smart enough to get it done against bigger people.