We'd love to be at 19,000.

It's the first (rise) in four years, and it's going to look a little weird because it's already going up because we went from five games to six. But really, in three years, it's gone up just $15.

We thought it was out of gas, ... But it wasn't. They started up their engines and started heading toward the port of Miami. They took off like a rocket.

We don't know what happened to them, ... Their last known position was a little north of Honduras. If that's where they were, they went through the middle of the storm.

Playboy has been the subject of a tremendous amount of piracy on the Internet. Their images are routinely copied and show up on sites that are not licensed to use them. We worked with them to apply technology specific to their needs.

We haven't heard from them since yesterday. The last report we had, they were abandoning their vessel and getting in a life raft.

When you've got no doubt in your mind that you're going to win, it pays off, ... It's got to be everyone. Everyone's got to be thinking, 'We're not going to lose.'

People are banking online, investing online, so they have easy access to their accounts. Most of the time can be spent pulling out the calculator and finding out your net worth.

Our first half was real rough. We weren't satisfied at all. We came out (in the second half) and we picked it up. Everyone got together. We've got a lot of guys injured. We said tonight was for them. ... Our goal was to do it for them tonight.