They do wireless and cellular. They make semiconductors and they own the set-top box manufacturer, General Instrument. Broadband is going to be coming into your home via either a cable box or a wireless box. I just think they have it covered her and the fact is they reported their earnings and a little margin squeeze at the time when technology stocks were crashing.

A buy-the-dip mentality remains very strong in the minds of the market. Technology stocks are where all the action is, where all the volatility resides, where all the big gains come into play. These are the darlings of the market.

This has nothing to do with the Fed. This is all end-of-quarter window dressing.

Over the past couple of weeks, the move higher in the stock market has been supported by a few big-cap stocks. This is a repeat of the 'Nifty Fifty' in the '70s. While the averages have hit new highs, the bulk of the stocks is moving lower.

You'd think it'd be a great idea for a (public) company, ... After all, the big areas of the Internet are basically stock trading, e-shopping and pornography. But you can't really invest in it. And you know, maybe that's the way it should be, quite frankly.

Some people are thinking that technology investing is smack in the middle of the summer doldrums., ... The fact is that technology stocks and Nasdaq have established a near- to intermediate-term trading range, and we're thinking that technology stocks are on their way to the top end of that range, and that's approximately 4,000 on the Nasdaq composite.

No, you can't go yet.

The sustainability of the American economic expansion is what the Fed is trying to achieve, ... And I think that technology stocks are going to do exactly what the Big Board has done; that is, establish a trading range. Gone is the rampant speculation in technology stocks. Instead, its going to be the cream rising to the top.

The correction looks scary, scarier than anything we've ever seen. But it is in direct proportion to the move up. There will continue to be momentum-oriented moves, but for the most part, I think that Nasdaq is in the process of digesting incredible gains and hammering out a consolidation range.