Walt works closely with them.

That second one he hit, I think is the longest I've ever seen hit here. That was a no-doubter.

We base everything around pitching and defense. We have been doing a good job of catching the ball and keeping the errors to an absolute minimum.

It's a good and important win. The district is one of the toughest in the state. Anytime you can get a win against a district opponent, it's a good win.

It was a gutsy performance for John to take the mound. He really battled even though he had the cut on his hand.

He could be quite possibly the best freshman I have ever coached.

The top of the lineup has been hitting well of late, especially Alvarez, he has been hot as a fire cracker.

We are in such a tough district, we can't even think about California.

Our mantra is good pitching and good defense, so that was kind of a typical game for us. For (Peacock) to be able to command three pitches like that was very impressive.