"Scott Bacon" is an Australian politician. He has been an Australian Labor Party member for Division of Denison (state)/Denison in the Tasmanian House of Assembly since 2010. He was educated at Cosgrove High School, Elizabeth College, Hobart/Elizabeth College and the University of Tasmania, where he studied Economics. He is the son of former Premier of Tasmania Jim Bacon.

Bacon was elected at the Tasmanian state election, 2010, securing 10.3% of first preferences. The Labor ticket for Denison included three sitting Labor MPs (including the Premier, David Bartlett) but only Bartlett and Bacon were elected, with two sitting members Lisa Singh and Graeme Sturges losing their seats.

In May 2011, Bacon was made a member of Giddings Ministry/Cabinet following Bartlett's resignation, holding the portfolios of Tourism, Hospitality and Veteran's Affairs.

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We haven't seen anything from the state level that shows it's going to slow that down.

Signs are that the enrollment is shrinking. The February student count was down 23 students from the September count.

The insurance and foundation changes are being presented tonight, the actual numbers came after this assumption.

We're analyzing them now. It's not simply a matter of price ... the businesses have provided the cleaning hours we need, and the training, and all kinds of things we asked for.