We want everybody to come. It's a wonderful place to bring your family or your youth group. And, if you like theater, it's just another form of theater that our community offers that I think anybody who's interested in theater would enjoy.

Each person in the walk-through drama gets to walk this street of gold before they leave in the final scene. We even have the river of life and the Pearly Gates in this scene.

You really start to see some of the life choices the characters are starting to make.

It's a very emotional and touching scene when the chaplain comes to her and explains her son has died in battle. More Kleenex will be used here than anywhere else.

Satan is a slick character. To me, he's actually very appealing. He's not scary. That's kind of how sin is because it looks appealing and it looks harmless, but the consequences are there. It's a very powerful scene. There are even some demons and sufferers.

You stand before the Lord to determine your final destination. It's very symbolic in that you will have the heaven and hell sides. The characters come out and stand before the throne of judgement, where they're held accountable for their actions. It's quite a moving scene.